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Cat Turner’s Newly Dropped EP ‘CONTRAST’ Might Be A Sign For The End Of The Earth. In A Good Way.

Call us weird, but Cat Turner has some kind of odd hold on our devil horns. Until now, we never knew we had them. Probably grew out on our heads when we listened to Turner’s singles and EP. And with the amplification of this unique style of music making that is so attractive about Turner’s latest.

The electro-pop gal from Galway Ireland is a delectable cry of distinctive vocal growls, theatrical resonance, and performance art.

Each note at some points makes us feel like we’ll be falling off of that precipice, in to that dark vacuum of darkness. But at the last second, the ghost of Turner holds her hands out for us to grab.

“The reason I started producing and doing everything myself first came from a place of necessity… now it comes from a place of total passion. It scared me to do it myself, which was the exact reason I had to.”

She teases. She prods. She bites you.

She doesn’t mind the marks on your skin.

You don’t mind it either.

It’s a win-win.

Her craft of indie-pop-goth is outside that Venn Diagram.

Live with it. Accept it.

We dig her lots.

You should too.

Buy [HERE]



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