Catastrophe & Cure ‘Another Wave’ : New kingdom of possibilities and ecstasy.

Catastrophe & Cure / Photo: Sophie Frank

Deliberate and satisfying, Catastrophe & Cure’s single ‘Another Wave’ brings brilliant cool to the surface of a hot emotional sun. A bursting of notions, ready to explode, unto a pallet of passions, this single by the Austria originating band, relieves of your pains of another past.

Consisting of artists, Johannes Eder, Lukas Kargl, Raphael Rameis, Sebastian Kargl and Maximilian Atteneder, the band recites what the purpose of their mission is to be with ‘Another Wave’. An deliverance of tangible alternatives, the song dips into the arsenal of 80’s new-wave and brings us into a new kingdom of possibilities and ecstasy.

In 2012 they released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Like Crazy Doves’, which enabled the talented band to tour Austria and Germany, winning the coveted FM4 Amadeus Award, along the way.

Now 2020, they seek to set out for the new horizon, of artistic endeavors.

Another salvo and fired by the talented band. Look for more.


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