CatchTwentyTwo ‘Do You Feel The Same’ : Emotional fever – of that moment and lust – quenches lovingly.


“This is my 9th song,” said CatchTwentyTwo. “This was produced, recorded, and engineered by me in my bedroom. what might be my most sensitive song, [as it] symbolizes an end, and a new beginning… I’m asking our protagonist, after everything, after begging her not to “runaway” like a previous song, and convincing her she’s my “solar flare” if she feels the same.”

“I wanted to be more vulnerable, asking “why” instead of telling you all how I feel, I want people to feel what I feel without pointing fingers. The rain in the beginning before the abrupt stop when lyrics represent how I feel. I tried to give folks a vintage older “vibe” with the strings, the beat up older sounding piano, and solo horns in the end symbolizing our climate, thats all I can take. at the end I realize that me being so nonchalant about our relationship wasn’t so “cool” and that in reality I would do whatever it takes to get this girl.”

Deep on traditions, CatchTwentyTwo’s depth of catching that emotional fever – of that moment and lust – quenches lovingly in this single. CatchTwentyTwo, is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Broward County Florida, fusing elements of lofi, dark r&b and pop into his stylized contemporary songs.

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