CatchTwentyTwo ‘Solar Flare’ : Natural upkeep of vibe and lo-fi contention for love.

Watch this space.


Color and hue is what CatchTwentyTwo exudes in his productions, whether he likes that fact, or not. The bleeding urgency, desperate decadence, fighting emotions, and a characteristic vibe of independence in a world that is opposite – all come in this palpable treat of musical delight.

“In this piece I’m talking about situations we’ve all been through, but I wanted to say something almost “fox” like this time, my little brother said that about this song, for some reason, I dig it. I sing about feeling for a person that’s in an invested relationship and can’t break away from it, but… I know she wants me, she wants the fun, and I tell her. I convince her and bring her into my world. I tell her things “he” doesn’t tell her in this song….”

We’d called CatchTwentyTwo’s work: “Balancing between the exasperating and the malignant hype of love and the ease of perpetual ignorance… likened disintegration in reason and logic, as an after thought…” And with his own ‘flair’ for the dramatics, his combination of sultry lyrics and dynamic undulations of emotions and toils, ‘Solar Flare’ is a natural upkeep of the vibe.

He is a singer/songwriter, and producer from Broward County Florida, where he fuses elements of lofi, dark r&b and pop into his stylized contemporary songs.

Watch this space.


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