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Catey Shaw Shares ‘Instagram’. Nothing Can Bring Us Back Now.

We love the guitar on this song. Put that on top of the vocal sweetness of CATEY SHAW, and you have something that is as delicious as a sugar cube. Sprinkled with the lyrics of what’s current and in trend, the problems of the current societal positioning is calming as well.

Calming? Yes. Because it’s the ‘soup of life’ that we live in.

It’s the environment and bubble where we ALL live in now. The pandoa’s box has been opened, for good or for detriment. In our eyes, it’s all for the good. Stretching our imaginations and boldly going to virtual places in our place in this world, is exciting. Much learning happens as we find out how things effect us as animals.

But it must start, continue, then improved.

We’re immersed, and nothing can bring us back to where it once was.

Let’s move forward!

Keep on looking out for Catey’s pop hooks. She does it well, as she’s always done.

Heck Yea.



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