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Cathedrals Share New Single ‘Behave’.

It was the ‘growl’ we’d heard from singer and bandmate, Brodie Jenkins. The first line of the first verse of this single ‘Behave’ made us think of the ‘growl’ that is gorgeously done by Garbage lead singer, Shirley Manson. Then quickly you realize that the song takes a profoundly ‘Cathedrals’ method to music construction, when the rest of the song is revealed.

The duo from Los Angeles (Brodie Jenkins & Johnny Hwin) takes their garage rock mentality and sticks some palpable electro pop sensibilities to their next chapter.

Just one single element, one little quirk, and in this case, one little ‘growl’ set the stage for the level of ‘anticipation’ we felt, from the first note.

It’s a cool song, for sure.

We don’t do electro pop, a lot on this site, but when we bleed over the border, we definitely enjoy it and become advocates.

‘Behave’ is sexy, synth-y, confident, indie, and has enough ‘gravity’ to reinforce (and seduce) folks like us.


As you can see there is a music video attached to the release of this single. It directed by Hana Haley (@hanahaley) and was filmed entirely on an iPhone.



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