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Catholic Action Shares ‘One Of Us’. “Then a small and slow wave.”

Gemma Dagger

‘One Of Us’ is the first single to be taken from the upcoming new album ‘Celebrated by Strangers’ (March 2020) by Catholic Action.

The fuzzed out, stomping ground, head shook diddy gives off melodies that is primal and necessary. Especially when the day is rotten and went a bit sideways, and you’re just about to have a bar of ice-cream that just melted a bit over your hand. Yuck.

But you know what’s not ‘yuck’? This song.

The world is more than a melted ice-cream over your hand and eventually, your ironed shirt wrist cuff. The world has lots of troubles that just keeps a big chunk of the populous, down and seemingly, out.

Lead singer and guitarist Chris McCrory recount “the welfare son of a welfare son”, taking aim at the billionaire-owned media and politicians who shirk responsibility for sowing the division we see in the world. It sets the tone for a record that, through a procession of skittish, off-kilter riffs and squawking saxophones, asks both searching questions of the self, while pointing the finger at inaction in the wider world.

It starts with a drop.

Then a small and slow wave.

Have to start somewhere.


See them next @ The Cookie, Leicester UK, October 16th.



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