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Catnip Cloud // ELVAR // Skytone // Empath // The Edge Of Reason

Catnip Cloud – Buried in the Snow (Music Video)

It’s the bass line that got us. So effervescently dark and energetic, Kjartan Thorkildsen heads his project named CATNIP CLOUD. ‘Buried in The Snow’ is a beaut, and as the music video plays, you’re hurled into a head swaying coordination. The ambient guitar, stripped down beats, art-pop lyrics makes distributing thoughts into the vastness of existence, so much fun. Kjartan debuted with his EP ‘Glow’ in 2016. He’s ready to put more goodness out there for all of us to enjoy in 2019. We think that’s a swell idea.

ELVAR – Skyscraper

ELVAR is a beautiful singer/songwriter who dropped his debut album ‘Daydreaming’ in early 2019. ‘Skyscraper’ is one of the songs included by this fabulous artist. The folksy psyche-rock ensemble of notes and lyrics, are unbound by the Universe and it imminently clings to our senses like velcro. Lots of synth, disco beats, and shimmeringly gazy guitar work, incorporated in a 70’s soft-rock aesthetic, ELVAR brings the past and the future together in the ever-now. The album was produced by Pétur Ben, and we think the whole production hit exactly where it wanted to. Reykjavik, Iceland based, but a gift to the world’s population, ELVAR’s single ‘Skyscraper’ is the thing you needed today.

Skytone – End of the Summer

Jangly guitars, sentimental expressions of love, in a summer cast romantic memory – that is what ‘End of the Summer’ represents and it makes part of you cry, as it hits that soft patch of what it meant to be really in love, comes alive in you, once more. Dream-pop 80’s synths, comingle as the sultry haze settles in with fixated remnants of her soft cheeks. The cheeks you loved to kiss and peck, as she turned to look and gaze at your eyes. Her smiling eyes hold you with a lump in your throat, just like the first time. She never ceases to amaze you. She never ceases to make you love her ever more. ‘End of the Summer’ is the time that we coveted. Let’s hope to have that kind of genuine feelings again. The first step is to listen to this beautiful single.

Empath – Hanging Out of Cars

EMPATH is Philadelphia’s connection to the post-grunge in you. And after a slight pause, the gang will debut their LP ‘Active Listening: Night On Earth’ on May 2nd. So good that they got the title of “America’s most inventive young psychedelic band” by Rolling Stone Magazine. Whoa. Hellz yea. There’s a reason why, because they got the chops, hun-ay, and they aren’t afraid to cut you with it. ‘Hanging Out Of Cars’ is the driving single, of chants upon glorious chants that demarcate and decimate your normalcy around indie-rock. Yep. They got ups, and we’d highly recommend you try to catch their goodness.

The Edge Of Reason – Come True

‘Come True’ is so much fun. Just a rack ‘em up and rockin’ emo-metal ensemble of notes, THE EDGE OF REASON just makes this single shine true. Ro, Alex, Billy, Niko and Dani makes this enterprise happen with, not a whimper, but hard crashing and melodic weight that we’d expect from the project. The song being about struggling with the demons within; then finding the ‘inner strength’ to break out of the darkness. A truly entertaining single from an equally entertaining band, our faith in rock continues within the annals of this single.


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