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Catnyp // Caleb Kopta // Takykardia // Gracie & The Valley

Catnyp – Sputnik Bride

Out of the darkness, appeared CATNYP. The band comes from the land of rocking guitars and drag-race fuzz, portraying a picture of other worlds, colliding for your benefit. The darkness envelops the senses. Only CATNYP can rescue you. The allure of the wakiness in the riffs of the band, is what makes the world go round. They prove this theory, every single they propose. ‘Sputnik Bride’ is the 2nd single off of their album ‘Henderson’.

Caleb Kopta – Kids

Emotive single ‘Kids’ is a recollection of visions of the past, moving too fast towards the future yet turned. The outlook for ambitions and challenges, were the expectations in excitement, when young. Things were brighter then. Now here we are, now and current, and CALEB KOPTA’s voluminous Coldplay-esque effervescence in enthusiasm, just takes you on a long journey of knowledge. ‘Kids’ exemplifies that ethic and the valid constitutions of the single. It’s a gift.

Takykardia – Ritula

TAKYKARDIA’s ‘Ritula’ is dark soul, dripped in melancholy, supported by the confidence of ‘dance’. Take a little trip with the trio, with the hop along bass and drums, kindly situated between the sentimental vocals of Luna Matz. “”Ritula” is my own word for an all encompassing love-ritual,” Luna stated. “It’s a mixture of the name Rita and the word betula (latin for birch tree). Two essential words in my childhood.” First and second steps to great and greater musical horizons.

Gracie & The Valley – Burdensome

Grace Bates brings us ‘Burdensome’ and again, we’re captivated by her vocals and energies. The honesty is fulfilling with her songs, selectively palpitating and resistant to that just hasn’t a description yet. ‘Burdensome’ is about being an undue trouble for the new love. A self-sacrificial dictation for what effect the past relationships has on the current. It’s about not looking foolish, and looking to hide the trepidations of a possible deterioration.


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