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CATNYP’s ‘Mar a Lago’. “Heard The Weather Was Great There.”

Relevant for the current state of news and US politics, CATNYP goes deep and paints the caricature of someone who happens to sit and mind the most powerful seat in the world.

‘Mar A Lago’ is the first single from their debut album “More Tails of Mystery & Imagination from the Crypt of the Black Cat (Opus 4)”.

CATNYP is the project of former Brand Violet bass player Henderson K. Shatner. He is joined by Jessica Catron, Joe Nickell, Russ Parsons
with support vocals by Zoe Buck, Morghan Thomas, and Sophie Thompson for this single.

Of course, Henderson is talking about Donald Trump, who now occupies the oval office in the highest position in the land. Trump is the ‘CEO’ of the United States, and ever since hinting at running for the Presidency, as far back as 2015, he’s been a polarizing figure at the least. And many in the US (and now the world) have mixed feelings or downright ire for the former reality TV star.

The future? We don’t know of course, but working hard to compete against what you deem demonstrably detrimental, could be a great start.

CATNYP will be releasing singles digitally, on the following dates:

  • Everything & Nothing (Slow Motion) – August 10
  • The Bleak Shore – August 17
  • Bluest Blue Eyes Do – August 24
  • Letter to America (Will of God) – August 31
  • Irredemption Song – September 7
  • Prothero Road – September 14



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