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CATTY PEARSON Shares ‘Electricity’. “Catty’s Vocals Is The Warmth That We Deserve.”

CATTY PEARSON’s voice is love. And her musical ‘sights’ and ‘views’ from her single ‘Electricity’ is beautiful to absorb and caress.

Reminiscing about the times of YOU and ME, in that far off place of decadence and lust – they converge in a pattern only spared for the deepest insurgence of professed dangers.

For that love.

For your love.

For our love.

Don’t leave me now, as we’ve not known each other enough. My tastes for the good life, has been awakened by the silhouette of you. Don’t go. Don’t you dare.

‘Electricity’ is a part of her EP named ‘Time Tells Me’, which Catty has indicated that she will ‘gradually’ release over the next couple of months. It is the second single to be released.

On October 23rd, she will release her complete EP.

Catty’s vocals is the warmth that we deserve sometime in our lives. Its the soothing of your past increments, packaged better and neatly for the betterment of our individual futures. And the jazzy and folksy sensibilities and empathy amplified within ‘Electricity’ irons our your trepidations.

And that simply is Glorious.

She feels your angst. She’s with you.



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