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Cautious Clay’s Single ‘Call Me’. A Bop, Bop, Love Pop, That’s Just The Right Medicine.

In a coincidence of magnitude and tragedy, we’d been in a love-funk here at CHF. In a mix of maddening skirmishes and relationship ending discussions, our recent weeks had been weird, to be honest. But then, here came ‘Call Me’. It isn’t exactly about or related to what we’re going through but surely it speaks in the ethereal with Mimosa smooth vocals of CC, and ‘it’d be alright’ attitude that sizzles.

The song is right on the cusp and it’s on the outside edge of what goes printed on CHF. But it’s a scene stealer and cannot be denied. It had to be posted on CHF, for sure.

The delectable accounting by CC is a love-bop-pop that is not harsh; and with a tasty after-taste, it’s a fabulous medicinal herb perfect for that duldrums effecting your senses.

Chill. Be with me. It’s okay.

Why. Thank you. We’ll take a seat. Here. With you. CC.

We sure need the break.

Cautious Clay’s EP ‘Resonance’ is out now.



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