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Caveat Empire Shares ‘Happy Holidays’.

Humor is important to us. We think humor drives creativity, and all other subsets of what creativity and art, in general. And this is what happens to a hard-rock band like CAVEAT EMPIRE, when the flavors of humorous seasonings.

We think it was the ‘scratching’ and the ‘tapping arpeggios’ which got our attention. Yes. We know, we know. There are plenty of times when this happens with this type of band. Weird but parts of the guitar elements reminded us of the 90’s song from Helloween ‘I Want Out’. Yes, not really tapping on the intro, but you get the point.

It’s just a cool element and we thought it was due to be mentioned on CHF, although we don’t do hard-rock-metal.

LOL on us.

We don’t make sense sometimes, you’re right =D

Anywho, take a peak at this single. We think it offers something that we all can enjoy.

The band consists of: Alex Fisher, Jason Race, Jason Appel, Matt Benton and Alex Konarski.



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