Caved Mountains ‘Soft White Lights’ : “Juxtaposition of fun laughter and creepiness.”

Caved Mountains

“The song is about a man being chased by death. The video is inspired by the juxtaposition of fun laughter and creepiness. Think Tim and Eric meets David Lynch.”

Nick Wright, Ryan Slavinsky, Willis Deviney and Eric Grubbs, together chase dreams and effervescent road trips that otherwise wouldn’t get imbedded into our listening consciousness. A band that is the Grateful Dead-like goodness, is a term of endearment for the like and foibles of life and just ‘keepin’ on’.

The band from Dallas, imagines, and then shares with affectionate validity of truth and honesty – in their own succulent ways.

Caved Mountains are in the middle of finishing a full length at the Echo Lab in Denton, TX. Look for it in 2020.

Let’s groove y’all.

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The band that Zooms together, has fun together.

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