Cayley Thomas ‘Blue Jean Baby’ : Radiate with tactful tinge and beautiful promises of tomorrow.

Cayley Thomas / Photo: Michael Kuby

Singer/songwriter and guitarist from Edmonton Alberta (Canada) is a music in its most empathetic. Cayley’s eyes, of soulful understandings, withstand the test of life in ‘Blue Jean Baby’. And whence it passes with a small twinkle and smile, your heart warms with unabated strength and optimism.

‘Blue Jean Baby’ is a decadent addition to the plethora of songs that just fulfills your heart’s desires, as best as Cayley can try. It’s a singalong ballad in which the gliding easiness of Cayley’s fabulous vocals, radiate with tactful tinge and beautiful promises of tomorrow.

Love and love’s ilk, have it good with Cayley’s passionate lyrics.

Cayley’s music is always a treat for all.


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