Cayley Thomas ‘Two Minds’ : Playing to the music of crescent envelopes of love, ever embraced.

Cayley Thomas with Connor Robert / Photo: Michael Kuby

“My brain loves to bombard me with messages of ‘not enoughness’ in all areas of my life…” said Cayley Thomas, “but especially when it comes to my creative work. So it’s rather amazing that it has nothing negative to say about this one.⁣⁣.. Perhaps you can relate?⁣⁣ The trouble is, being overly critical and self loathing is WAY more self absorbed and takes way more energy than being self loving. And so, we work to dismantle those thoughts and shift the inner dialogue bit by bit.”

That message of solidarity and empathy is by Cayley. The singer/songwriter/guitarist from Edmonton Alberta (Canada) is a fabulous addition to this music universe.

In her upcoming album ‘How Else Can I Tell You?’ a flourishing collection of songs reflect upon a period of subconscious overwhelm and the subsequent shift into conscious thought and awareness.

This single ‘Two Minds’ she asserts once more her indomitable talent as we’d described: “Wispy and golden vocals of Cayley, drops asunder, as if the world is in chaos, but playing to the music of crescent envelopes of love, ever embraced.”

Eclectic and delivered with profound honesty, Cayley’s songs cast away your fears in relation and understanding.

Yes. We can all relate, Cayley. Indeed.


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