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Cedric Warner Sparkman Shares ‘Black Rabbit’.

‘Black Rabbit’ is that gentle wisp of wind from the Arctic circles that helps you wake up, and take note. Cetric Warner Sparkman takes this new wave-ish pop rendition into weird and welcomed dimensions. The guitar that is so very beach-rock that is deliciously added into the bridge is sweet, like corn that is ripe at the right season. Cannot be denied.

Sparkman has been involved in musical theater from a tender age, and seems to have pushed his talents to many different facets of the music Universe. And for us, we’re glad he’s doing so.

His instrumental sensibilities within this single is a mix of many genres, that define his style. ‘Glam’ is definitely a thing with Sparkman’s productions.

Heck. It’s just a notch off of the weird pop that we love here at CHF.

Remember the sweets we ate at a local Circus Fair? The sugar coated deliciousness that we love to taste? They were so, so good, because of the snack itself, and the ambience that it situated.

The fun.

The excitement.

All wrapped into that one sweet, forever linked, and locked into your memory cells.

“The lyrics were selected more for the sound of the words than their meaning. I tried writing different lyrics later, but sometimes the first thing your sub-conscious pulls out of the hat works best.

“I’d always loved 70’s British glam, even though I never recorded anything in the style. The old theater student in me saw this as a good opportunity to visit a costume shop and then shoot a music video.”

We agree.



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