Ceiling Demons ‘Illusions’ : Realization and togetherness reminding us of our place in nature and that we are all connected.

Ceiling Demons

‘Illusions’. A song that is injected with a fire breathing roar and a message of hope for all, the gang in Ceiling Demons brings unique effervescence to the rap/indie game. The North Yorkshire UK hiphop outfit depicts n ‘Illusions’, of isolated society, blind faith and self destruction that ring true now more than ever during the current cultural and political climates.

However the track offers a stunning hit of hope, realization and togetherness reminding us of our place in nature and that we are all connected.

Born out of bereavement and taking influence from artists such as The Streets, Joy Division and Tricky. Combining poetic wordplay from front men and twin brothers; Psy Ceiling and Dan Demon over cinematic instrumentals, Ceiling Demons aim to strike your heartstrings with their intense and chaotic performances touching on themes of love and loss. Art over entertainment, delivered with a punk philosophy.

Written in 2013, the song has been a firm live favorite at shows throughout the years. It is released on a transparent 7″ vinyl as part of Butterfly Effect’s exclusive singles club, with a limited run of 40 copies that sold out within minutes. This rare piece of vinyl includes the previously unreleased B-Side – Illustrations.


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