Celeb Car Crash ‘Red Dawn Rising’ : Brings all of those fabulous hard rock revelries, right here and right now.

Celeb Car Crash

When you hear it, you get it. When you hear classic hard rock progressions and rightly done construction of hooks and thrust, you feel it.

You live it. You want more.

“We prefer to talk about Resistance and not about Resilience, Resilience presupposes that after a trauma you return to an unchanged initial situation, in short it would be the ability to absorb a shock, a painful event, a tragedy and start again as before.”

Celeb Car Crash’s single ‘Red Dawn Rising’ brings all of those fabulous hard rock revelries, right here and right now. With assaulting Soundgarden-esque drive, the band’s earthy rock, blasts off into space, as the genre demands.

“Fuck Resilience! We are still people who, in the face of adversity and the wind that whistles in our face, huddle together, face and resist everything with a different awareness and a few more wounds”.

‘RED DAWN RISING’ represents the ‘resistance’ and the “liberating feeling of being able to resolve conflicts in a resolute and hard way to be able to breathe again, after being ashamed and hiding in a nut shell, after being hurt.”

Nicola Briganti, Gabriele “Rusty” Rustichelli, Alex Crini and Michelangelo Naldini brings this excitement, to life.


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