CELIIN ‘Nasty Human’ : Just off of the edges of her heart.


CELIIN delves deep beyond the surface exposing a characteristic every human has: the nasty. She describes the narrative as a ‘love letter to the anxious’, and poses the question her listeners: “Tell me darling, how long you been hiding in this Nasty Human?”.

She also stated: “Musically I wanted to capture the fear of getting caught and you’re dirty secret being exposed. The tension. The anxiety. The guilt. Everyone has a nasty side. But all the word’s a stage, so we hide it.”

Somewhere between romance and depression, where extreme emotions meet, you’ll find CELIIN´s vintage heart and modern spirit.

Intricate melodies cut across hard hitting drums and a carefully orchestrated arrangement to form a performance which is both raw and vulnerable.

“A contemporary struggle of now and forever, a battle continues to ensue, with that victory of maturity and knowledge, just off of the edges of her heart. Charm offensive, indeed.”


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