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Cellophane Sam Shares ‘The Gang’s All Here’. “He Knew What The Reason Was.”

Rationalizing the mess he’d made of the project he was assigned, baffled him again. It seemed to have been a trend with him – throughout his life. And whenever this happened, he would immediately think “What can I do to stop this from repeating this cycle?”

There was nothing he could do. For he was a man of faults, coupled with habits that he couldn’t abandon.

And that made things very hard.

He knew what the reason was.

But after the initial ‘shock’ it had happened again, the emotions calmed and dissipated soon thereafter.

Rationalizing the mess he’d made of the project he was assigned.

This time, he accepted whole heartedly, the fate of his character.

From that moment, a new dawn opened up for him.

CELLOPHANE SAM’s ‘The Gang’s All Here’ is a 60’s feel of a song, with tangible lyrics and a very approachable British Wave feel. It’s light, and delightful to the eardrums.



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