Cemetery Sex Fairies ‘Mystery’ : Casts a spell with mahogany riffs and synthesizer charms.

Cemetery Sex Fairies

From LP ‘The Liquid Source of Joy and Sorrow’, Cemetery Sex Fairies’s single ‘Mystery’ casts a spell with mahogany riffs and synthesizer charms. They take your hand and dance with them through their songs about the never-ending daily madness of seduction, rapture, addiction, love and sometimes bittersweet pain.

Cemetery Sex Fairies is made up of Russian synthesizers (Prof. Pan), a prog metal-adoring literary scholar (Tinka) plus a bloodthirsty thriller author (Belle). In contrary to the universe’s rule that these people should never ever function together, the band projects dark wave revelry, dipped in a sugary aftertaste that can be accustomed to the warm gurgling simmer of your soul.



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