Centre Excuse ‘Joy Joy Joy’ (Video) : A passing of the venerable crowns from the traditions. Such joy, indeed.

Centre Excuse

Their debut album, ‘Favourite Soul’, is preceded by ‘Joy Joy Joy’, a track which delivers exactly what it says. Released via their own label, New Motion Records, the duo capture drama, a vitality and deftness of touch which pushes their musical desires and agendas.

Teddy Lewis (singer/synths/guitar/bass) and Alex Rush (synths/percussion/backing vocals) are school friends from the age of 8, where electronic sounds of stadium-filling 80’s synth bands and the unfiltered energy, filled their enthusiasm and unabashed excitement.

The 2020 Centre Excuse sees the fully-fledged beast emerge – a darker, more brooding sound: incisive, barbed lyrics and heart-attack synth lines piercing through layers of ferocious guitar work.

With ‘Joy Joy Joy’, a passing of the venerable crowns from the traditions of Depeche Mode, Tears For Fears, and The Cure crash into your reality.

Such joy, indeed.


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