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CERIAN Shares ‘Wasteland’. Off Of The Upcoming EP ‘Caught In The Dark’.

Evoking emotion. The sullen emotion. The disappointments. The supposed victories. Stating, and communicating the varying degrees of the human exhortations to the public. It is a hard business. CERIAN however, does this in a particular way. And the decision of her to produce her debut single ‘Wasteland’ is also in the vain of the former mentioned.

The reason why we’d chosen to review Cerian’s single is that it had a different kind of sensibility built in her vocals, and most of all her decisions for the arrangement.






Broadway musical.

The rich tapestry of which CERIAN spread for us to view, is made up of deep rich hues. Each strand is a dance, of ballet, injected in notes of her voice – guiding towards the salvation of unknown and tempestuous salinity we maybe hate, but love.

We think the classically trained musician (harp, piano, guitar), has a long, long solo pop career ahead of her and we’re glad we saw the tip of that iceberg.

And we’re hoping, maybe there will be a time when we can see her perform the harp, live! Crossing our fingers!

‘Wasteland’ is a single off of the upcoming EP ‘Caught in the Dark’.



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