cesco ‘Folks at Work’ : Delivers with another gorgeous intuition for sound and artful un-reality.


‘Folks at Work’ is a jazzy/bluesy indie pop goodness that is much more fulfilling for your soul than you’d ever realized.

With unencumbered vibes, shining and presiding on the vexing angles of your day-to-day, the song begins to thaw out your frozen heart and stone cemented outlook on life’s trimmings.

With beautifully gentile vocals, the feathery weight of it all, cleanse you of the dirt and grim of today, as it all seems to fall off by the way-side, with pleasurable smiles as its by-product.

This is part of cesco’s new opus, a 2-tracks single released ahead of their upcoming album, which is scheduled for next year.

Founded in 2018 in Osaka, Japan, cesco delivers with another gorgeous intuition for sound and artful un-reality.

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new music coming soon

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