Ceterus ‘Stonely Cowboy’ : The sing-along story-time hymn is a beautiful ride of joy.


“I’ve been meeting a lot of people who feel lonely. I thought: “Who’d be the loneliest?” a cowboy thats who. Really we’re just following that train of thought here, not much else to it. Using some instruments powered by Jazz and some synths powered by Logic, Ceterus takes on this introspective journey”

The unique band is a collective of minds and musicians from Charlottesville focused on an all-inclusive approach to music. Arising from a hastily-put together crew for a bar show in November of 2018, this four-piece melds together many strands of influence, from jazz to rock to bossa nova, into one musical whole.

The diligent falsetto of ‘Stonely Cowboy’ harkens back to a purity of mind and soul. A set of glorious gaps of times, that pulls you into a certain regulatory divide of sounds. A glimpse of interventions, both of now and beyond, the mentions of delivery, tactically resounds into pieces of you – the real you.

The sing-along story-time hymn is a beautiful ride of joy. Of both bitter and the sweet, the song gloriously gets you into a funny tackle in shine.

Ceterus is made of some fab talents named Jacob Baker, Grayden Brock, Valentin Vila and Daichi Monma.


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