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Chackie Jam Serves Up Fabulously Whimsical ‘Shotokan (Take Me With You)’. It’s Fun. Word.

“Why do you do, what you do?” That is a question we go through all the time. And sometimes, man or woman, we want sometimes to be held, protected, and to be sheltered. A partner who works with you; a partner who is a ‘team-member’ for better or for worse.

Then you hate him/her.


But hatred is for him/her; then you want them as well.

The contrast is a hypocritical dishonesty we can go through – ALL. THE. TIME.

We’re greedy. That is what we’re saying about us. The human animals. Which we are.

Ultimately we’re Okay with that. That’s where ‘passions’ just bubble over. And when ‘passions’ bubble over, and can’t be managed any longer, we have devious thoughts.

Not murder or anything of that sort, but we just ‘drool’, don’t think sensibly, and don’t want to care about our surroundings.

We don’t give a ‘f*ck’ at that juncture.

Because we have LOTS of love to give that other person. They deserve US, right?

Ain’t that right??


Anywho, love this little whimsical 80’s tuned, synth-pop diddy by Chackie Jam. It’s light, vibrant, and dang it, it’s fun.

Try it on for size. Should get you to feel good.



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