Chad VanGaalen ‘Samurai Sword’ : Some humility and sense of humor can go a long way, don’t you think?

Chad VanGaalen

From his upcoming album, ‘World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener’ (March 19th), the fan-tabulous artist Chad VanGaalen makes us smile and bop to his imagination, again, with ‘Samurai Sword’.

The song is so very much chock full of innuendos and salutations, that the meaning for how it reflects upon your listening heart, can change as the verses play on.

A charming dedication, anthem, and an other worldly journey for the ‘folded’ layers of emotive consequences, Chad’s illuminating art (video animation is his doing) and equally artful jangle of his musical interpretation, delight and tingle our funny bones at large.

It’s a terrible world out there sometimes, and some humility and sense of humor can go a long way, don’t you think?

“I was drawing black and white plant backgrounds for this song because of the great old samurai movies of the past. I like how nature sometimes takes the lead.,” said Chad. “I was getting all knotted in my mind about the sky.”

Continued Chad: “Looking at my dad’s watercolour paintings of sky. Feeling like I couldn’t get the feel right. So, I just borrowed his sky for a scene and then I realized that my dad’s paintings were perfect and already full of real-life energy. I used them to finish the video and felt like we got to go on this quest together. In my mind. Fuck time. ”

Multi-dimensional goodness, indeed.


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