Chaeon (채온)- Love Ya

Chaeon’s Love Ya comes at the undertone, and under expressed – frustrations and possibilities – many of us can relate to. Bursting with pride, filled with doubt, confused by prospects – what’s up ahead? Should she continue?

Don’t know, and at least in this song, Chaeon don’t have to worry about it.

It’ll take care of itself. Self cleansing. Self adapting.

Love is messy and many times, the world is at one’s feet – groveling at your demand. Why not love it, enjoy it, taste it, touch it, be tactile.

The song is simple. And it’s in line with many synth based solo artist (at least to us here in CHF) in Seoul, Korea. It’s a good thing- with the right artist, and the right execution.

We think Chaeon has the right, and the musical fabulousness to take it to her highest – where ever that may be.

And we want to be part of that journey.

Because, being simple for just simple sake (as a novelty) doesn’t always work. The charisma of the artist, is the most important.

And just like in bed, we’re all loving our partners with ‘charisma’. There’s no intimacy, without it.

It’s the ‘x-factor’, if one wants to reference cheesiness. It’s something that lubes the machine along.

We dig what Chaeon has, so far, put down. We’ll want to ‘pick it up’ some more. We just hope she’ll keep on producing more songs.



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