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Chalk Hands – Charm

From the split release with bands Okänt (Sweden) and Reveries (USA), CHALK HANDS’ single ‘Charm’ is a breath of fresh air, to be hunky dory. The Brighton UK based emo-rock band casts a deep and saturated guitar driven offering, as the classic and ol’ school rock approach heightens the mark of modernity. Even through the dynamic lyrics, the howls of the song is a welcome challenge to our sensibilities. The battling of thoughts and heart, dowsed by the unrelenting caste of revisions and unrequited replies, are as deep as the mariana trench. Their own debut EP ‘Burrows & Other Hideouts’ hits the streets running and is available, now.

Bed Scene – Genesis

Nick Aponte is the heart behind BED SCENE. An archetypical transitions in time, of space, now and forever. ‘Genesis’ blooms from the soul who makes Miami, Floria his place of operation. But with a big shoegaze dream-pop sound that is Los Angeles-like, the apropos shimmer and compositional acrimony, gathers forces at the edge of the sea – readying for conquest. “Of what?” you ask? “Of the musical and intransigent narcissism that creeps into our hearts and burrows deep into our cell walls of doubt and remorse. We will be eaten alive – unless tirelessly working to be reborn, once more. Look out for this fabulous addition to this musical Universe from BED SCENE. Nick’s upcoming new EP ‘Dulcinea’ drops May 30th.

Thin Lear – Death in a Field

Largely magnanimous in kind, THINK LEAR’s vocal attentions tickle every foyer crystal of your heart and mind. You enter into shimmer and warmth, as the lyrics of ‘Death In A Field’ casts with no pretense, shining on your youth and adulthood, submerged into a beautifully drawn Venn diagram. You belong in the middle of it, for you don’t want to get cross and unbalance the status quo. But what of love you ask?? ‘Death In A Field’ is the under-quenched beckoning vibe that urges you to rock that boat with even greater love. “Kill them with love” some say, and you are dead. And as that bright tunnel opens, you hear THIN LEAR’s falsetto greeting you, and welcoming you to a whole new dawn – of you – the perfect you. The Queens New York based artist does it again. His latest EP

Chris Colepaugh – Sunday Night

Canadian Chris Colepaugh cuts you down. Southern-rock attitude, hard-rock chops, punk-like habits – the artist from Canada displays what can be achieved with ‘Sunday Night’. With transitions and progression as deft as prominent 70’s rockers like The Marshall Tucker Band, RUSH, Molly Hatchet, and the like, Chris digs deep into classic chords to get our listening juices going. The multiple award winning, festival healing artist keeps it real and never gets out of that dynamic. Soaring and confident vocals, with lyrical thrust that will knock down those drywalls, you can bet Chris’ work will always be a par of a good time in any festival. Hear more of Chris as he releases more and more songs in 2019.

TIMI TEMPLE – No Where ft. Doc Merlin

Sydney’s TIMI TEMPLE is exciting. Exciting to listen to. Exciting to dance to. Exciting to be a part. Framed in a modernistic psychedelic and surf-rock givens, TIMI stated: “I’ve got a friend, Doc Merlin, with whom i’ve been mates for 23 years… He’s now a PHD in immunology & professor at University of Sydney. I’m just a humble musician, but long ago, we played music together throughout primary school and high-school…” Right on TT. “Doc Merlin had a lucid dream one fateful night that we wrote a song together nostalgically like the old days, and when he came to consciousness there was a voice recording on his phone singing the hook line “theres no where, no where, no where…” Wicked and creepy, kinda. “I was totally hooked by this story when DM called me up, we just had to turn it into a song… and also, TIMI TEMPLE’s first ever collaboration! I got DM around to my studio the next day and the song was done within a matter of hours!!” Efficient and creative. These two deserve two gold stars on the exam. And you, the listener, need to keep listening to TIMI TEMPLE. As mentioned, he’s fresh, exciting, and always moving with his music. Fun and innovative. What can be better??


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