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Changelings – Baby We’re Falling Upwards

“It’s the death mask march, Florence.” Changelings’ Baby We’re Falling Upwards is a dream-pop description of inhibited and seemingly unreciprocated love’s touch. March to that death, death to end all deaths.

Inevitability, quite seems immovable at times.

Quite an inference, no?

Being ‘inevitable’ deems the results to be already ‘set in stone’.

Being ‘immovable’ deems that the results, which sits in that stone, will not move.

There’s just no angles about it.

It’s all a dead end.

Try to effect that result this way. Doesn’t work.

Try to effect that result that way. Doesn’t work.

“Ok, Kath. Try to swivel it like.. 4 inches.”

“Got it.”

“Nope. Well, Kath, try to swivel it the other way.. like 2 inches.”

“Got it.”

“Well, I’ll try to shake it a bit.”

“Is it working?”

“Nope. Not yet…but it will soon.”

Relationships just feels like moving heavy objects. Shouldn’t be but sometimes does.

And cooperation between the couples, is always crucial, no?

However, no matter how you ‘jiggle it’, or ‘shake it’, or ‘nudge it’, if a relationship is doomed – it’s just doomed to fail.

Let’s move on.

Changeling is the band under Jay Penaflor, working out of Melbourne, Australia.



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