Chaos Control ‘Hedgehog’ : Bringing classic drum/bass and techno sabotage.

Chaos Control

“This song was a complete accident, but it’s the most fun I’ve had making a song in a very long time,” said Chaos Control. “I just wanted to make something fast and pumped up. It’s the perfect song to lose your mind to. It’s called Hedgehog because my alias is a reference to Sonic Adventure 2…and as we all know, Sonic is a very fast hedgehog.”

Darion Bradley is the man behind Chaos Control, and the independent electronic musician, based in Greensboro, North Carolina, brings over 20 self-released albums, singles and EPs under his belt. On stage he is a charismatic and energetic presence with a preference for performing original material.

‘Hedgehog’ is bringing classic drum/bass and techno sabotage, to a more modern pallet of sights and sounds. A hectic, irreverent institution, the ravaged drops and staggered intuitions, pummel the most hard wired and experience on the dance floor.

He began making music at the early age of thirteen. His first projects were created using whatever free software he could get his on and since then he’s developed his own unique sound. His production style is varied and expansive, with tracks ranging from hazy hip-hop beats to heavy-handed techno anthems. At present, Chaos Control is continuing to push boundaries and taking strides to become a household name in the world of electronic music.

Chaos Controls’ latest EP ‘DOLO’ is out now.


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