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Charles Jameson // Plutinos // Static Future // After the Ashes // Willie Watson & Tim Blake Nelson

Charles Jameson – Highway 64

Poet and songwriter CHARLES JAMESON drives a hard bargain on his new single ‘Highway 64’ off of his upcoming new EP ‘Modern Leader’ (November 30th, 2018). The tough and ruffled vocals of this Brooklyn based (Colorado origin) artist comes to the fore with impending strength of knowledge and reticence in this single. The constance of the keys, keep the listener in line to the variations of the world and the notes of color that attend our every move. The song is sad, but never back pedals to a dark corner. It keeps on keepin’ on to that place beyond the horizon.

Plutinos – So Long

Nate Barnes is the heart behind the project PLUTINOS. And in his first song off of his upcoming debut full-length album (November 28th), the outright river of feelings are bled onto the streets of sorrows and regrets. But as they say in politics, there will be blood in a transitionary year. There must be, and in ‘So Long’, all of the angst and refutable emotional baggages that hold us along to the side. Is it time to get angry? Is it time to act? We think Nate is saying exactly that. We can do better. Let’s do this. You deserve it.

Static Future – Big Decisions

Misfits they are not, but the gang in STATIC FUTURE, makes us feel like we should be part of the ‘misfit nation’. And one key of awareness has been with ‘Big Decisions’ which is a rhythmic ensemble of vocal layers and fantastically airy and light head of intuitions. The single delightfully tosses questions of this and that, with the light touch of musical ‘duck-duck-goose’ that is both fun and meaningful. The band consists of Gavin Marshall, Scott Mackie, Mark Scrymgeour, and Harry Palane. ‘Big Decisions’ is off of their currently available EP ‘Oh Master!’.

After the Ashes – High Tide

AFTER THE ASHES’ single ‘High Tide’ was published a year ago, but it’s still worth noting for its dynamic alternative rock that keeps it in the form that we love to hear. The 5 piece band is from northern Ohio, and like anything else, they hit the marks of deathcore, metalcore and punk. The 00’s marked style influences are fab to look reminisce. Roar with ATA. Roar from the gut.

Willie Watson & Tim Blake Nelson – When A Cowboy Trades His Spurs For Wings

What happens when a cowboy passes and his next venture into new pastures. Will he bring his coffee? Will he bring his loyal pet dog? Will he bring his steady steed? Will he keep his best of all the stories he’s told to his buds? Who knows. But should be so. And in this classic style country song by WILLIE WATSON & TIM BLAKE NELSON (O Brother, Where Art Thou?) lovingly present the premise of things to come for all of us on this beautiful earth. The single was written by Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, and is featured in the upcoming Coen Brothers film ‘The Ballad Of Buster Scruggs’


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