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Charles Ryan Davis – Night Walk

Off of his EP ‘Six’, Charles Ryan Davis keeps it nice and dainty throughout, as he surges with his distinctive, jack-in-the-box like instrumental style and gentle vocal attentions. The charming vocal exercise is a story telling leisure, where oddly, R.E.M.-esque song depth clashes with child-like exuberance and thrust. The contrasts in ‘Night Walk’ is certainly obvious, as the song slowly develops then blooms into something that is truly unique and wholesome. Just like the best traditions of Billy Joel, Rick Springfield, and of those 70’s pop rock offerings, ‘Night Walk’ walks a fine line to land with all paws on the ground and shining.

Madison Malone – Home 1

Madison iterates the sentiments of ‘Home 1’: “For every small-town kid living in a big city now, for every college student missing home, for those grown-ups missing the sound of cicadas in their backyard or the sound of their mama’s laughter, for those of you who are missing the smells of their driveway in the middle of a summer rain, “Home” is for you. May this song bring you back to where you began.” After seven years of performing other people’s music, Madison felt inclined to evolve and write about her own experiences. Madison Malone has written for artists at Sony Music, Warner and more, she has performed at some of the world’s largest music festivals including SXSW and SUMMERFEST. And as her voice soars like the height of Mount Everest, she takes you on a short journey of thankfulness, support, and humble gratitude of a soul – your soul – for whom it had developed because of the one’s who’d cared. It’s true. We all at one time, will and have looked for the ‘home’ of our past happiness. It takes us away for a moment, then it fades into the back, as reality creeps back in. Will we get there again? Currently, Madison is in the studio working on an EP, and her beautiful voice will make us wonder again, real soon. Produced by Justin Glasco (Meiko, Ron Pope, Christina Perri, The Lone Bellow), mixed by Bryan Cook (U2, OneRepublic, Radiohead, Delta Rae) and mastered by Grammy-award winning, Hans DeKline (U2, Diplo, Pixies).


Off of the self titled album, Dissolver, ‘dissolves’ your sense of reality, just so that they can help you build it back up. You know. Like the army does, potential soldiers. But with Dissolver, they make it punk-tastically funner. Splash of the hard edge, rockin’ with the future sound, the alternative rock band from Columbus, Ohio, really does it up with ‘The Sound’. We’re not sure if the guys (Kevin Schollenberger, Alex Vild, Matt Bernert, and Brian Santiago) know how good the song is, but we’re willing to bet they have an inkling. The world isn’t a fair place, there’s suffering, challenges, stresses galore, but yet there’s something like ‘The Sounds’ that puts a little juke into the hip pointers and smile on the facial muscles. From the guitar progressions, ups and downs and all the way around, make the gift of fun repeating with rapid successions and the relaxin’ vibe that just makes you go ‘hmmmmm’. Oh by the way, they’re “available for weddings”. Word boys. Word.

Super Cassette – Monster

“This song examines addiction and mental illness through the lens of a metaphorical monster. The tune follows the ups and downs of mania and depression and seeks to find some kind of peace in the eternal conflict between the two, unleashing a kinetic, frustrated barrage of guitars and drums halfway through the song.” Berkeley, California based quartet made of Max Gerlock, Nick Gerlock, Devin Hollister, and Zach Briefer, pushes their thoughts on what it should be like to ride the win in ‘Monster’. The highs of mental strength is good. The lows of mental depression is bad. The return to prominence and of emotional knighthood is glorious. You can do anything, that you’d put your heart into. Even when you know that slide down to the deep end of that mental un-wellness is just around the corner. But you go on. You play on. You know the monster is there, but you look at it in between its eyes. Gentle rolls of guitar premonitions and thrusting exclamation marks of defiance is the sentence of the day. Keep it fab.

Brody Roze – Supernova

“I wrote this song, Supernova, about feeling cursed. Like maybe I’m the reason for all the bad things in my life. And I never really understood I felt that way until I started writing about it. This song was produced on GarageBand. I want to upgrade to logic but I have to make money first.” We love it when it being real hits the ground with fading rubber. Brody Roze is a fab soul. He absorbs the Universe and makes it his own. Proof? He writes his feelings down and better, sings it in his songs of surprising depth. He has to. It’s a small micro propulsion of salvation for his emotion. Toil. Life in effect and of the small grain of gratitude he thinks he should show. We’d all felt this. The guilt of trying your best, life not giving you the crumbs you deserve, and the weight of the world playing on your seemingly crumbling shoulders. But Brody is here. Brody Roze is here. To stay. Let’s make the next minute a little better. Because in a lot of ways, Brody’s better than all of us. Let’s drive on then, together. Keep the momentum going, shall we? Right on Brody. Right on.


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