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Charlie and the Rays Shares ‘Away for the Weekend’. “Passes through your emotions and invigorates.”

Un-rushed. Contemplative. Comforting. Like a dew covered crisp Autumn morning on that revering patch of heaven of your mind, there can lie a band named CHARLIE AND THE RAYS. The duo made up of sisters Rebecca and Jordan Stobbe, they bring again another side to their talents with single ‘Away For The Weekend’ off of their upcoming EP ‘That’s Where You Were Born’ (August 2019).

As cool and exonerating as the first steps on that cool field of dew, the fleeting guests of water, passes through your emotions and invigorates, as much as they nourish.

The sound of ‘Away For The Weekend’ reflects on a form of music construction, deep in revelry for the mistakenly nominal, while respecting and harking the strident majesty of the grand. This can be of the future, the ‘things to come’, or of just caressing of that notion of just having expectations come to life.

In this life.

This one life.

“Our sound has evolved quite a bit since our founding,” explained the duo. “We have incorporated horns, mandolin, and heavy keys in past recordings, but with our new record’s sound we paired down to just the core instrumentally, which accentuates our harmonies and songwriting.”

Indeed it does.

We’re glad the evolution continues with CHARLIE AND THE RAYS.



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