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CHARLIE BELLE Shares Delectable Single ‘Essay’. “The World Will Turn. Let’s Make It Great, Together.”

CHARLIE BELLE consists of Jendayi and Gyasi, and they’d been charming listeners since their debut EP ‘Get To Know’ dropped. And when you listen to their music from then and coming to 2019, it’s still pure and refreshing as that breeze on a hot summer’s day. Jendayi’s vocals is that sparkle of ‘possibilities’ shimmering in the late afternoon sun. And when they duo takes your hand and walks with you through love’s twists and turns, it all just becomes content and excited for ‘the next’.

‘Essay’ is the duo’s latest released single (off of the new album ‘Looking For Magic’ due to drop sometime in Autumn of 2018) and it continues this trend of winning over the slightest ‘hesitation’ in your listening brain. It’s delectable, and with its combination of doo-wop with the modern sensibilities of indie-bedroom-shoegaze-pop, we at CHF (just like you will be) is on board.


Just can’t be helped.

“Take that lemon, and turn it into something positive” is what ‘Essay’ is all about. Emotional and downtrodden in the lyrics, the song contrasts with up-beat tempo and fabulously held with strength and gumption by Jendayi’s vocals.

The world will turn. Let’s make it great, together.

The duo are from Austin Texas, and we wish we could see them live. Maybe someday.



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