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Charlie Cole Drops New LP ‘Shit To Lose’. The Drop-Dead-Exciting Songs Got Us All Riled-Up.

Listen to the opening track ‘Come And Get It’, then you know exactly where Charlie Cole wants to take the album. Then you realize, as well, where Cole wants to take YOU with ‘Shit To Lose’. A second later, you realize, the knees are moving, the feet are bopping, your head begins to sway up and down in a rhythmic mash of bodily extremity dance.

Then you blurt out some of the lyrics!


Because the songs on this LP (every one) are hard, fast, meaty, and just gorgeously exhilarating.

Now, keep on going down the list and you hit upon the title song ‘Shit To Lose’. The hardness is evident, with Cole’s driving and aggressive vocals help you forget everything about the world, for a moment. It’s a minute and a half of hardcore rock boot up your caboose.

Go down a bit more and you come to ‘Dodge A Bullet’. Classic rock and roll riffs and, again, hard driving guitar work take you back to the age of Pangea. You’re a ghost of the souls of cavemen and women. Then you’re quickly back to the modern world, waiting again to return to those early Earth-like days.

The sum of it all is that Cole’s rock sensibilities just keep the heels on your neck, but doesn’t penetrate and puncture. She’s kind in that sense, but you can’t dare forget her work.

We won’t forget.

Kudos Charlie. Kudos.

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