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Charlie Collins Shares ‘I Don’t Want To Be In A Rock band’.

Contrast to her own-self, Charlie Collins’ irreverent energies emblazon raucous nights and salutary mornings with songs like ‘I Don’t Want To Be In A Rock band’. Written while on tour with Gang Of Youths, the song is a check up on her own creative vitality and whether that heart-beat still beats with intent and purpose.

And through this single, the beautiful story tell, returning to her roots in honest and compelling storytelling lead Collins to pick up the pieces and write the music that comes naturally to her.

Charlie exuded: “This song is a note to myself telling me not to compare myself to others, fighting that battle and reminding myself of who I am and where my roots lie. For a long time I’ve felt lost musically and not quite myself until I decided to do a full circle and come back to where I started, just me and my guitar writing honest, raw songs.”

Her live persona is bigger than life, emotionally embarked on a quest for self-realization and always a part of the bigger unknown for Universe. A Universe that dictates in mysteries, that a person like Charlie, sometimes needs to vent about.

A microcosm of emotions, are laid for examination in ‘I Don’t Want To Be In A Rock band’, where her listeners can easily relate to the vast array of difficulties and challenges in their own lives. A constant adjustment of mind and body, where the individual future, is carried by the think thread of personal sanity.

Balancing act of living, quite so elegantly colored by Charlie.

Her tour continues straight through into 2020.

See Charlie next @ Darwin Entertainment Centre, Darwin Australia on November 28th.



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