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Charlie Moss // Connie Danger // Anna Rose // Conus // CLAMM

Charlie Moss – Never Stop Loving You

Brighton UK based frontman Charlie Moss has an effervescent to his music craftsmanship that is undeniable. It’s there, just tickling your nose with tantalizing tales of journeys and fun. ‘Never Stop Loving You’ is a fabulously paced love song of significance as it fits your sense of falling in and out of love. The band consists of Charlie Moss (lead vocals/rhythm guitar), Ash Powell (drums/vocals), Scott Carty (lead guitar) and Josh Harrison (session bass). And the band kicks into full gear with live show energy from here to kingdom come. Leaving you wanting more? Yes. Sure does. You want to get up and dance. When that happens, it’s glorious fun. See Charlie on June 1st at The Hope & Ruin in Brighton.

Connie Danger – Coming of Age

“I don’t know what your deal is, but can I have some?” as the lyrics stated. CONNIE DANGER is that 80’s movie that you’d always wanted a part of. Not campy in any sense of the phrase, but from the serious sense of what we feel when we hear notes of synth that fly us to another world. Every time, we desire some portions of the past. We all know we’re stuck in this present. But from a glimpse of a love, a crush, an achievement, a knowledge – our little secret that we harbored from the past makes us feel all warm inside and with a small private smile glows. It never seems to fail to do so. CONNIE DANGER’s ‘Coming Of Age’ is that feeling. That small smile, and oh so locked inside your mind and heart. CONNIE DANGER added: “A bit of a saga, this song relates my journey from self-loathing and obscurity to a baptism of sex (and love?) that spits me out with bruises of resurrection and regret.”

Anna Rose – Sucker Puncher

Like the best tradition of Blondie like exculpation, ANNA ROSE brings ‘Sucker Puncher’ and it rouses the mind with aggression as it informs of radical existence and contrasts to beliefs that is held. The dynamic power of ANNA ROSE’s vocals and writing abilities just explode off of the speakers with x-amount of vigor and vitality. The guitar, exquisitely worked, and her pure grit and harmony, gripping at the tides of the Universe – ANNA ROSE’s sensibilities shine like the Northern Star. The excellence is always served with AR at the helm. ‘Sucker Puncher’ is from the upcoming new project due out later this year.

Conus – Storm

‘Storm’ is from CONUS, a Sweden based prog-rock band with forged edges and indisputable knack for the musically innovative. Mixing 90’s melody and metal-like rock progressions, the emotionally inquisitive single brings many questions to bare. As the vocals and the lyrics enter, the heavens split apart, just enough to let the new light of sonic decadence in. The shimmer of 70’s classic rock, dance at the edges of the guitar work, as the percussive fabulousness keep all the waves of intuition at bay. Just enough for the final thrust of the guitar solo segments to rip apart the belly of that dragon. A 6 minute archipelago of colors and textures, go up and down the countryside of your mind, conquering and demanding.


CLAMM stated: “‘Dog’ Is a track that’s simple lyrics allude a questioning of ‘a greater power’ (the songs title is an anagram).” Melbourne Australia born band CLAMM is a 3 piece hard-rock band with punk tendencies. With 3 foot pipes to crack open you skull, the hard hitting single ‘Dog’ manifests to rethink what might be with a seemingly existing ‘higher power’. Violence, oppression, materialism, spirituality, mental health – are some of the subjects the band tackles. And in the demonstration of ‘Dog’, the band expertly delves deeply into the subject of ‘power’, as the melancholy of ‘powerlessness’ seeps in and out of the forceps of this clenching and evergreen issue. CLAMM is a refreshing take on surf-punk. It’s Australian surf-punk that digs. You should dig them too.


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