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Charlie Strange Is One Of Our Faves. 5 Questions To Get to Know Her A Bit Better.

CHARLIE STRANGE has a terrible secret. And that secret is that she’s dang good. With wispy calculations in harmonious renditions, the indie-pop songstress writes words on paper, with poetic dexterity and voluminous tack for the heart string.

We’d premiered her single ‘Stay Home’ a bit ago, and she’d made us very happy when her music first amplified through our speakers. We’d stated:

“CHARLIE STRANGE is a distinct soul. There are times when we’re scared to find out what we’re really about. Charlie knows this too well. The misfortunes that hinder our steps in this world and existence is crystal clear to her. In her angst of communicating that the life we lead is at face value, she, in feelings and in her aromatic lyrical clauses, reveal something deeper. Crossing a channel of sarcasm and sprouts of cynicism, her distinct soul for caring and loving reveal themselves effortlessly in her songs.” (article March 31st).

We knew from the get go that Charlie was something special. From her method of music construction, emotional depth, and use of contrasting forays in subject matter, it’s evident that she has a very good heart. And with that she drives towards the future with a surprising amount of gumption and strong will to do her own thing. Especially with music – her kind of music.

‘Stay Home’ was of frustration and being ‘scared’ of the world before Charlie. She had to let it out in some form, before it burst into something that was dangerous and toxic. And with that honesty, the clarity of vision in the song decorates in colors and grays that are synonymous with the rest of us.

“I found myself crying on a bus just fed up with the mess I was in and I think that was the moment where all my thoughts formed and it all became clear.”

Charlie doesn’t want the world to give her anything. But just like many of us, she is a human being with desires, hopes, dreams, and a self made promise to follow through to the end. She believes her craft deserves nothing less.

We believe she deserves nothing less.

The gal from London has a fan in CHF, and will keep cheering her on. For her angelic vocals register perfectly with our love for what music, at its core, is supposed to provide.



Bit more insight on Charlie? Read below.

(1) Where did ‘Staying Home’ truly become a song in your mind? The subject matter seems familiar, but if you can expand on it some more, that would be great.

I tend to write songs about a situation that has been going around in my head for a while and the point where it becomes an idea for a song is when it becomes too much. At this point I feel like there needs to be some sort of release from my own ‘thought prison’. Stay Home was no different. I found myself crying on a bus just fed up with the mess I was in and I think that was the moment where all my thoughts formed and it all became clear. A couple of nights later I wrote and recorded the demo in an evening and when I listened back it was like finding out how I really felt. I realised I had been putting myself out into the world and it had resulted in feeling nothing and gaining nothing from it. However, the whole song plays upon the saying ‘If you never try, you’ll never know’ and I guess in this instance I tried, failed and retreated back into being an introvert!

(2) Privately, most artists/musicians are contradictions to their professional personas. Do you fit that mold? Do you love having your own private time?

I think when I started this project I wanted it to be as authentic to me as possible. Anyone who knows me personally would see that I don’t change much between ‘normal’ me and Charlie Strange. Even when I chose the stage name I wanted it to be something I could deeply connect with personally. The surname ‘Strange’ is in my family and it comes from my great grandmother who was found as an orphan baby on the streets of London. She was given this name because she was found under strange circumstances and it’s something that I deeply connect to along with other stories from the women in my family.

(3) What are some of the subjects you are tackling in your next single or project? When are they being planned for release?

I’m currently playing around with a few ideas for the next release and choosing the songs to start developing further. As it stands I think the next single will have a more curious and playful vibe, maybe with slightly less cynicism…? I’ll be aiming to release the next single this summer.

(4) What are 3 things that fans should know about you?

  • I like making my own clothes and knit jumpers and things, it helps me chill out after work, so if anyone wants a jumper or something hit me up!
  • I need an average of two cups of tea in the morning before I can do anything or be pleasant with anyone so really keeping to the British standard there (fuck Brexit though).
  • Straight after [University] I got a job playing piano on a cruise ship because it was great money and I wanted to travel. I decided to stop though because I felt like I should be releasing music and pursuing my own musical project …so here we are!

(5) Lastly, you are of this planet, so what kinds of things motivate you to become the best you can in your profession, everyday?

I know how hard it is to stay motivated, after dipping in and out of various projects I have been victim to that like I’m sure many others have in the past. Piano is my first instrument and I was classically trained so I’ve always used that as something to fall back on if I’m not feeling 100% in other areas. So if I’m feeling a bit unmotivated with my project I like to sit at my keyboard and learn some Debussy or Chopin. I like to live by the ethos of not worrying about what you can’t face or do at the moment and go and do something that you can do, at least you’re still doing something. If I’m still learning something or making some sort of progress then it helps me keep on top of things.


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