charlie yates ‘produce’ : An extraordinarily honest and optimistic ‘call to arms’.

charlie yates

charlie yates is a 17 year old producer, singer, and songwriter based out of great Barrington, Massachusetts.

Listen. Listen keenly. charlie yates is the project of worth, misconceptions, dreams, potential happiness, and death. Death of being and hopes, that are of a caricature of your own. At a certain moment in time, you’ll get to realize you’d been wasting time.

For you.

For your ambitions.

For your loved ones.

For the love of passion.

‘produce’ is an extraordinarily honest and optimistic ‘call to arms’. A vision of all of the dark that was… a vision of all the potentials, deep inside, you know you can share with the world.

Subtle expressions and genuine envelopment, bleeds through charlie’s outcrops of truth and justice.

‘produce’ is one of three in his EP ‘Bruh Movement’.


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