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Charlotte Cornfield Shares Beautiful ‘Storm Clouds’. “Ambitious beings, can and will cope.”

Jenna Ledger

We’d been enamored by CHARLOTTE CORNFIELD’s works and we’d not been silent about it. Friends are beginning to get annoyed because of us talking about Charlotte so much. There’s a good reason for that, and it all comes in full force from Charlotte’s gift for telling her stories in the manner that she does. Building often from a melancholic progression, the sum of the writing and the whole of the song never get to a level of ‘feeling sorry’ and ‘lost’.

Charlotte’s songs are inspiring in that, it drives a sad but true narrative. However, there’s always a positive silver-lining to the narrative, where even if totally lost in the hectic lives of our short time on this Earth, Charlotte’s confident that we’ll come out of it alright.

The scars and bruises, in a sense, is part of the natural way that we, fragile and ambitious beings, can and will cope.

“It was the first thing I recorded in Banff, a few days after arriving,” said Charlotte. “I had been carrying around the ‘storm clouds, elation, desire, mania, darkness’ refrain for a long time – it’s a personal meditation. But I have this habit of not finishing songs until I have to, so it took being in the studio to pull it all together. I couldn’t figure out how to end it and then Brendan Canning suggested bringing back the refrain and that just felt right.”

Charlotte’s previous single and video ‘Andrew’ was our Song Of The Day previously, where we’d called it: “With ever present charm as ever before, CHARLOTTE CORNFIELD is in our eyes, a symbol for what music could be – substantive, introspective, incredibly complex and diabolically minimalistic.”

We continued about ‘Andrew’: “Immediately, you’re swept by the gentle wisps of tales for the fallouts of relationships within this beautiful single, ‘Andrew’. With the ‘Charlotte touch’, the shimmer of the song doesn’t exist just for the sake of it all; but it exists to enhance the undeniable predicaments of the story. The cast of characters align with the Universe of unforeseen and predicted actions – in lock step with and for fate. Fate isn’t isolated without design, and the protagonists drive, often in demure silence, to muscle through to that other plain.”

Get into Charlotte’s interpretations in her songs.

Let her silently move you.

On April 19th, her N. American tour starts in support of her new LP’s (‘The Shape Of Your Name’) that will release April 5th.



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