Charlotte OC ‘Freedom’ : Of love, of relationships begotten into an unrecognizable state.

Charlotte OC / Photo: Inge Colsen

Exhilaration is where Charlotte OC’s ‘Freedom’ lives. And when it beats with anxious goodness for a life that can be, you promise yourself that you can do this. You can make it. You can break away from the chains of this…this utter dampness of life, of love, of relationships begotten into an unrecognizable state.

A freedom in ‘falling’, is the calling card for a rebirth. And as Charlotte OC’s contagiously colluding vocals, tantalize every fiber of your listening being, you realize the resurgence of energy from the deepest part of your haunted soul. The scars heal, as they mend under the pressures of your newfound freedom.

Last year, her single ‘Better Off On My Own’ was played by Radio 1’s BBC Introducing and coincided with the critically acclaimed British artist’s support slots on James Arthur and Tom Walker’s UK tours as well as a coveted live spot on BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend.

‘Freedom’ is included in the upcoming new EP ‘OH THE AGONY, OH THE ECSTASY’, and it’s grand and wonderful.

The project Charlotte OC fulfills with grandeur and sonic beauty.



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