Charm Of Finches ‘Big God’ (Florence and The Machine Cover) : Both cosmic and oh so very earth-while. Radiate in all that is pure and reliant.

Charm of Finches

Such vibrance and talent, is where the duo of Charm Of Finches dwell and conquer. A beautifully captured essence of rights, the cover for Florence and The Machine’s single ‘Big God’ is as curt and expansive as it should be.

Said sisters, Mabel and Ivy Windred-Wornes: “This song, written by Florence Welch, from Florence and the Machine, is about being ghosted by someone. When someone suddenly stops answering your phone calls and ignores you. For us, it also seems to have some relationship to the idea of celebrity and the worship of glamour.”

The Melbourne dream makers, incite gorgeous hymns and delight the listener with whimsical attractions and wonderful acrobatics of note intentions.

A feeling that is both cosmic and oh so very earth-while, Charm Of Finches radiate in all that is pure and reliant.

“In our video, we side-stepped even further to represent an imaginary rift in our relationship as sisters. Basically, this song is about how one small miscommunication can turn into a massive, sudden and irreparable relationship breakdown between two people.”

‘Big God’ follows their gorgeously produced album ‘Your Company’.


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