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Chase Potter Shares ‘Plastic Faces’. “Our human demands on our home, felt through upcoming future.”

Chase Potter’s latest single ‘Plastic Faces’ is a song that defines ‘engagement’. The sultry vocals, decked out by the melting lyrics, convulse with emotions, both sophisticated and utterly glamorous.

And in its darkness and melancholic atmosphere, the listening public realize a point of contention – the cross paths of injection – an emotionally cosmic and decadent injection in personal and the individual.

Moving to NYC in 2016, the multi-instrumentalist is a caption for what talent for the work that is needed for poignant and relevant music can be a part. ‘Plastic Faces’ is a beautifully constructed amalgam of deteriorating expulsions in revelry and constitution. At the same time, the song delivers with pitch perfect ambience of desperation and cold-sweat realizations, palpitating to the point of rooting for the right that is due.

A convergence in unfettered screams, are gorgeously depraved and displayed by how Chase has decided to portray his song. ‘Plastic Faces’ pulls at your heart, cheerleading for the protagonist – knowing that maybe, that the hero might not make it.

Even if the ‘hero’ is you, us, and of human civilization.

This single is a fabulous addition to the Universe.



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