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Chasing Kurt Shares ‘Higher’. “Decadent and naughty. Heck yes.”

Love it. You can love it. We can love it. We all should love it.

CHASING KURT’s single ‘Higher’ is from the band that has been doing its thang since 2013 and hasn’t stopped.

Raw, exciting, with prominent vocals that rattle and hum deliciously with the bass line loop – ‘Higher’ is your call to arms and tangent to a fabulous day.

Dance floor? Yes.

Your eager joints? Yes.

Decadent and naughty musical notes? Yes.

Make love on the musical landscape? Double yes.

The Germany based duo of vocalist Lukas together with DJ & producer Wojtek sets the tone every time, and the tight vision of the mix is clasped into colors and hues that just penetrate deep into the soul of the listener.

Lively, positive, ever sweet, but never overly, ‘Higher’ kicks your juices into gear with fabulous after tastes.

Something about ‘Higher’ that just works, indubitably.



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