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Chateau Chateau Shares New Single ‘Crisis Party’. “You Can’t Help It Though.”

Is summer over? Heck no! Not by a long shot! We all have different and varying degrees of farmer’s tans on our arms, and we feel woozy and exhilarated for the second half of summer. And this is where CHATEAU CHATEAU’s new single ‘Crisis Party’ comes in. It’s synth-y, it’s danceable, and it has ‘pool-side’ party vibe emanating all over it.

But it shouldn’t! If you listen to the lyrics.

You can’t help it though.

The rhythms drive you – to the next corner shop for the biggest straw hat you can find, then you tell your girl “Jen! I found it!”

Then she sighs – expecting nothing less of you, regarding large gaudy hats, then proceeds to give the attendant money for the Slurpy.

‘Crisis Party’ starts immediately in the car. YOU, with the large hat, and SHE with the Slurpy.

A ‘Crisis’ you ask yourself?

Heck no!

Well, maybe a little for your redness on your back, though.

TUCSON based band CHATEAU CHATEAU we’re sure can relate with this little moment in time with our ‘pretend protagonists’.

Anywho, the band is fun as heck in this song. Again, it is a ‘contrast’ within a song, with a serious subject put into a ‘fun’ packaging – the single does its best to help add to the conversation about “struggles of an individual defining their personality in the face of gender roles and societal expectations”.

We do apologize for such a review, in advance, though =D We’re quirky like that.

Anywho, CHATEAU CHATEAU consists of: Blake Milliser, Alex Hamby, Zane Emory, Tom Hopper, and Myles Hamby. The virtually brand new band’s got things to do, worlds to conquer, and this is a great start.




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