Chavis Chance ‘Bluebonnet Trail’ : Relieve us of the burdens of daily life and its ilk.

Chavis Chance

Self recorded and produced entirely by Chavis Chance, his single ‘Bluebonnet Trail’ touches with delicate trails of comets and dreams.

Centering around an intricate and beautiful fingerpicked acoustic guitar, the exquisite subtlety and lyrical expressions, embrace your best of imaginations and the more intimate.

Said Chavis: “Bluebonnet Trail Elementary was actually the name of my first school, and this whole song was largely inspired by the realization that whatever good memories you might have about a place, you can’t ever really go back. One night in my first year of college I drove to that old neighborhood thinking it’d be fun to see what it looked like now and it was a surprisingly sad and empty experience. I remember thinking ‘I guess I’m grown up now.’”

Sometimes, things just connect.

And when personal wants and desires, reign in the passions of a journey that can’t be taken in reverse – we come to rely on songs like ‘Bluebonnet Trail’ to relieve us of the burdens of daily life and its ilk.

Love is ‘Bluebonnet Trail’.

Let’s embrace it some more.

Let’s smile again.


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