Chayse Porter ‘Carol’s Boutique’ (Video) : The uncanny-ness, continues.

Chayse Porter

Chayse Porter (Human Beat, Seriously) takes you on a journey of lost and long-forgotten splendor, where the sound of soft keyboard flute rings out from an overhead speaker, ricochets off the nearby Contempo Casuals, and lands gently on your ear. As the teenagers shuffle to the exit and the lights go out, listen closer and you’ll also hear the death rattle of cavernous consumerism.

“I have always had a “thing” for kitschy easy-listening music,” said Chayse. “I love that it’s both instantly pleasant and instantly forgettable. I hope that you enjoy the Sounds Inspired by Jasper Mall, then forget about it immediately thereafter.”

Easy Listening, Muzak, Bossanova, Jazz, Vaporwave, Chillwave – some of the influences and influential arsenal that Chayse delivers in his songs, is astoundingly propagating and seductive. A bath robe of the motel-kind, is the softness and decadence that you desire after a long week of convention.

That’s the comfort and loving that ‘Carol’s Boutique’ delivers in spades.

The uncanny-ness of Chayse Porter, continues.

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