Chaz Cardigan ‘Haircut’ : Always fresh and invigorating. An enduring goodness, deserving of your love.

Chaz Cardigan

Always fresh and invigorating, Chaz Cardigan’s ‘Haircut’ is another part of his lovely ensemble of songs. With fabulous vocal pop charms, with a reality escaping pastel musical effervescence, ‘Hairbut’ is an enduring goodness, deserving of your love.

Upon moving to Nashville at age 17, Chaz began producing in a local hip-hop collective called The Diatribe. He made his full-length debut with the 2017 album I. Soon he was selling out headline shows throughout Nashville. Each of his 2018 singles landed on Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist.

The Nashville, TN based singer/songwriter continues to bring delights, after the successful release of his ‘Holograma’ EP via Capitol Records and Loud Robot (the record label brought to you by J.J. Abrams’ production company, Bad Robot).

Look for even more from Chaz.


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